Online Slots to Win Real Money

When you find an online slot game to play, which version of it do you load? Do you go for the real version where you might scoop some real cash prizes, or do you load the practice version where you can only receive demo credits for winning combos?

You may have a clear idea of which of those you tend to veer towards. Alternatively, you might use a mix of approaches, as some players do. Let's look at the reasons you might choose each approach.

Playing practice slots

They may look identical to their real money counterparts - indeed, many slots have both versions on offer. This means you can try a game without incurring any risk or using your own cash, just by loading the demo and betting with the practice coins held inside the game.

It does mean that you're not going to walk away with prizes, but you will walk away with plenty of facts and details about the game. You can then use those to help you figure out whether you've found a game you'd like to try for real prizes.

Playing real money slots

Some players go straight into these, while others try the practice ones before moving on to the real money versions. We prefer to practice first wherever we can. However, we have noticed that some developers do not offer demos of progressive slot games. A few developers don't offer any demos, so in those cases you need to research what you can online and use those details to determine whether you might want to try those real money slots.

In this case, always check the minimum bet amount to make sure you can afford to play it on each spin. You can still learn plenty from what information you can glean from various sources.

Would you play online slots to win real money?

We should begin this section by reminding you that nothing is guaranteed while playing these slot games. You'll never be sure of winning anything from these games. If you do get some real money prizes, you may find your losses outweigh them. You should always start with a budget you're happy to lose if that's the way things pan out. You're then able to confidently play without worrying about the outcome.

Of course, everyone loves winning real prizes, it just may not always happen. We know there are jackpots out there, along with many smaller yet still pleasant prizes. But if you play online slots to win real money, be aware that you may only get entertainment… and nothing real to walk away with. You never can tell how it is going to go.