Lucky Orbit Slots

Lucky Orbit is a recent slot release from the Arrows Edge brand of games. The title suggests we’re going into space, although it looks like we’re in the spaceship itself. Check out the game screen to reveal flashing lights and a host of planets in action. We check out some of the highlights in our review of the game.

Five reels and 35 lines

An unusual line quantity there, yet the game does have a 35-cent minimum spin bet to match it. They’ve fixed the lines, but you do get other bet amounts to think about as well. The biggest of the lot is a giant one, at $240.10.

One thing to remember here is that because of the wild feature we’re going to share with you shortly, be sure you’re happy with your bet. If you switch to another amount, you restart counting at that amount. And here’s why…

Wild green aliens and scattered planets

The little green men are here… or at least one of them is. He looks friendly enough and with the wild label, it’s easy to see which role he plays. One curious feature of the wild is that you won’t see it for the first 25 spins of the game. It only turns up from the 26th spin on, and when it does, it stays on the reels for three spins. From spin 51 through to 75 in number, you’ll see each wild remaining in play for four spins. And from 76 through to 100, expect to see each wild sticking around for five spins. It resets from the 101st spin too, meaning you won’t see any wilds for another 25 spins. To this end, we suggest making sure you can play for 100 spins to get more out of the game.

The wilds are stacked over the middle three reels, so if you did get more than one appearing on a spin, they’d all stick for the feature highlighted above.

The game also presents us with a scatter symbol. This is a planet, and whenever you find between three and 11 in a spin, you receive the relevant prize. For 11 of them, you’d get 1,000x for your efforts.

Stay alert for the Mega Symbol Respin

This feature happens when the Nova light above each of the middle three reels stays on either for reels two and three or reels three and four. Those reels then spin together with 2 x 2 huge symbols on them. Better still is the fact that the process

continues until you land at least one prize from a respin.

Free spins… and Mega Free Spins

Oh yes, you can find between 10 and 20 freebies for three or more sun icons bearing the label FREE SPINS in the base game. The mega version occurs when you get two or three of the Nova lights staying on – adjacent once more – in the free spin round. Two reels give you the giant 2 x 2 symbols in play, while all three reels staying lit would produce giant 3 x 3 symbols on those reels.

Add a progressive jackpot and that’s Lucky Orbit slots

You can see there is plenty to check out as you play this game. Lucky Orbit is available now at all casinos offering the Arrows Edge slot game collection. Try the demo first and then see what you think of the real thing.